Even though spiralling prices are a thing of the past, you’re still convinced property could be your key to financial freedom.

And it could. But where do you start?

Do you invest near where you live, or wherever yields are best? Do you rent to families, or professionals, or students? Should you be trawling through Rightmove or lurking at property auctions?

Everyone’s only too happy to give you their opinion about which approach they think is best, but how do you know what’s going to be best for YOU?

What you need is an explanation of basic investing principles, and a jargon-free, bias-free overview of all the options available. That’s what this book is all about.

Property Investment for Beginners


  • If you already know exactly what investing strategy you want to use, this book isn’t for you

  • If you’ve got limited tolerance for bad jokes, it’s not for you either

  • If you need lots of ra-ra cheerleading and motivation, it’s definitely not for you

  • If you want heaps of detail about the specifics of each approach, you’ll be wanting my next book - join my mailing list

If you’re convinced that property investment is the secret to securing your financial future - but you’re overwhelmed by all the possibilities and scared of making expensive mistakes - bingo. The “buy now” button is just down there...

I wrote this book because when I started in property, I was deluged by detailed information but couldn’t find a good overview anywhere.

It’s a bit like trying to learn French by reading Le Monde every day: you might get there in the end, but it’d be a damn sight quicker if you knew some basic grammar and vocab first.

In this book, and with my Property Geek project, my aim is to provide agenda-free information in an entertaining way – and get you thinking about the psychology behind property from the very beginning.


Section Section 1: The Basics

Why leverage is your best friend, and why you should treat it nicely

Where everyone on Property Ladder went wrong, and the mystery of Sarah Beeny’s missing knighthood

The three calculations you should have learnt in school instead of dicking around with the circumference of a circle

Section Section 2: Forming A Strategy

An overview of every investment strategy you could ever want to know about (and what “tintinnabulating” means)

The tricky business of recycling your cash to buy more and more

How (and when) to buy to sell, not to hold

Section Section 3: Getting Your Head Straight

How networking can supercharge your investing career (leaving the house optional)

The importance of playing to your strengths

What’s more risky: a nice leafy suburban semi, or a massive house full of immigrants?

Warning: This book is short. Don’t be expecting War and Peace here - it tells you what you need to get started and nothing more, with absolutely no filler.


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Property Investment for Beginners